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And a happy new year

And so Radcliffe with this it's 39th comic celebrates it's first new year. yay. 2008, hm sounds kinda weird somehow doesn't roll of the tongue yet. Oh well I'll soon get used to it.

I will of course take my time to wish my mostly unexisting reader base a happy new year. I would make some kind of resolution but promising to keep living my life the same way that I do now feels kind of pointless so I wont. I do however promise that in 2008 tension is going to increase in Radcliffe. Which seeing as how the comic basically has just started is a bit obvious so no biggies there.

I have no real idea what we're going to see this year on Radcliffe or well to be honest I have the basics to the closest couple of storylines planned out but I'm not sure how much of it I'm going to be able to squeeze in this year. All I can promise you is that it is going to be good and hopefully there's going to be vampires.

Thinking about it though there is one thing I can and will promise. Extra pages on the site in the not too distant future. My character page is practically ready, as is my archive page. I have a mostly finnished extras page for Radcliffe related drawings and such things and of course a link page, although that one still needs some work.

And so to conclude HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!




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