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 JAN   February 2008   


Death and the actual coming of the extra pages

So um, obviously you didn't actually get any extra pages last sunday but as they say better late then never. Due to certain problems it took a longer time then expected to upload the extra pages but this time it should work. The problem was as always a really, really minor one. However it did give me a chance to fix a number of problems with the new pages that I hadn't noticed. So some good came out of it. Also those who checked the whole thing yesterday might have noticed that the links weren't working, that has been taken care of so now they should work.

Now over to a more pleasant subject: As you might have noticed Mr. Harper has now been given the honour of becoming the first character to die in Radcliffe, I am sure he was very excited about this lucrative opportunity. More deaths are of course to be expected further or later during this storyline and most likely in future storylines as well .



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