Besides some leprechauns ghosts and other things mostly existing when it's narratively comfortable only three actual people and a cat lives in the basement of Radcliffe.


Our titular character the mage Radcliffe is the explorer of the mysterious and the downright weird. The meaning of his title is, it seems quite hard to define. Mostly though it involves fighting vampires and finding ancient magical artefacts, you know, those sorts of things. He is an adventurer and detective of some kind, who works out of the cellar of Baker Street 222.

Radcliffe is noticeable for being the only licensed brittish magician in this age never to finnish his third year at the arcane academy. Due to this he is in magical circles cosidered as something of a loose canon.

 When he isn't out doing whatever it is his job involves he enjoys relaxing with one of the hundreds of books he has in his shelves, carrying out highly dangerous magical experiments and cooking one of his slightly odd meals (the last two coincides frighteningly often).


Kailee Moore is an ex maid from the Oxford area. She was due to circumstances fired from her last employment and decided that the job of a maid wasn't meant for her. She set out to find something better.

Times being what they where that proved more easily said then done. However she did manage to get by and further or later with the help of a friend (or to term it another way, complete stranger) of hers she managed to get a good job in London.

The good job in Radcliffes cellar has turned out to be a little more challenging then she'd imagined, both as actual work and to her view of the world. But it still involves more freedom then any other position she has ever held. It does however not involve more money a fact that is evened out by the free living arrangements.

During her free time, which she due to the lax supervision (read non existing supervision) of her employer has a lot of, Kailee amongst other things enjoy reading through one of the roughly threehundred books of the Cromley Derbott: Vampire For Hire series.


About a year or a year and a half before the comic begins Radcliffe agreed to take in the son of one of his friends as an apprentice. The collaboration between the two worked rather well, until an accident (or something like that) occurred. That accident caused Radcliffe's cat Rex and his Assistant to change bodies with eachother.

The transformation proved very hard to reverse, leaving the Assistant as a cat more or less permanently.

Due to his transformation the Assistant is right now a rather sarcastic and easily annoyed character. He has also picked up a number of cat habits. Like for example: chasing yarn, purring and to his great shame, coughing up hairballs.


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