Pictures somehow related to Radcliffe. Any fillers that I might like will end up here after I delete them from the archive. If I in the future would actually get fan-art it would also end up here. Here you will also be able to find desktops, banners and other fun things.


Radcliffe related drawings

A while ago I made a test image to see how the comic would look if I coloured it on the computer. I didn't like how it looked very much so I decided against it. Anyway here you can see the picture for yourself.


Pictures by other artists

This drawing was given to me by my secret santa Aggie of American Gothic Daily in an exchange over at the Comic Genesis forums. It's a very nice picture.


Desktops and such things

So here you go a free belated christmass desktopp featuring all of ours favourite body missplacing housecat.


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