If you think last sundays comic looks a bit cut'n pasty then you're completely right, you see I had another comic planned for that day but unfortunately and quite embarrassingly I couldn't  fit in all the text I needed so I had to change the strip. Of course I'm to lazy to redraw it or anything like that so instead I removed a couple of panels. Then I had to draw up a pair of new panels which I pasted in to the comic I also had to rearrange the pre-existing panels to get some coherency in to my changed strip.

The end result was that I skipped the first few couple of panels and jumped directly to Radcliffes explanation of the whole cat thingy. I later ended up using the dialog from the first panels in the previous strip when somebody pointed out to me that I seemed to need something that showed Kailees reaction to the cat-talk and explain how we suddenly ended up in the middle of the explanation.

About todays comic: I'm rather happy about how it turned out I do have a couple of problems with it though but they're all minor ones, for one I now realise that Radcliffes suit should be a slightly different colour. But for my well technically second colouring work in Radcliffe it didn't turn out that bad

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